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I just came across a website/blog called Hostess With The Mostess, and I have to tell you, it makes me want to throw a party every single day of the week. Seriously, I will make it my life's mission to seek out 12 friends, each with a different birth month, just so I can use this site to spend all of my time throwing them some amazing birthday parties. The founder, Jennifer Sbranti, is nothing short of an idol for those of us who love to throw the perfect bash. Her site provides creative themes for all different types of parties, so I've compiled my favorites here!

Bridal shower themed "Something Blue"
"Modern Alphabet" baby shower
A "Candlelight Countdown" New Years Eve Bash
Sassy Christmas party themed "Santa Baby"
Add some "Autumn Spice" to your Thanksgiving dinner
Invite your friends this Halloween for some "Modern Midnight Madness"
Happy birthday in "Candyland"!
This year, watch "The Big Game" at your place


Fall Fashion Extravaganza

To me, the transition to fall is exciting for a million reasons. It means that Halloween and Thanksgiving are near, and the stores are filling up with the colors of autumn. However, as I'm not entirely fond of sweating the moment I step out the front door, I might say that the cool weather is what I look forward to the most. If you are one of the die-hard summer lovers that is scoffing at me right now, I hope that you can at least agree with me on one thing: fall fashion is infinitely more fun than summer fashion.

Waking up with a sheen of sweat on my face and getting dressed while a hot breeze pours through my open window, is about the most miserable thing that I endure each year. Every morning I wake up, and hope that that breeze will suddenly turn cool and I can pull that scarf from the back of my closet. Instead I pull on a tank top and a pair of shorts, and wave goodbye to my fabulous peacoat as I venture out into the soul-deadening heat.

But fall approaches quickly, my friends, and when it does, I guarantee that my closet will be prepared. As I count down the days, I explore the stores with the best fall-fashion. Here, I've broken them down for you according to price- low, medium, and high- so that no matter what the size of your budget, you can find something to fit your style.

.:Here they are, the best of the best:.

Low Budget Favorites:

For as many times as I've been teased for having expensive taste, some of my favorite clothing items have come from Walmart. With a little patience, you'll always leave with a great new outfit for an even better price.

Corduroy Skirt: $10.00
3/4 Sleeve Waffle Shirt: $10.00
Jana Flats: $13.00
Total: $33.00

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Medium Budget Favorites:

A tried and true classic, Old Navy stays true to what will always be fashionable. Although you can find something for any budget, you'll usually make out for a price that I would consider to be in the medium range.

Raglan Sweater: $25.00
Cord Trousers: $29.50
Studded Leather Moccasins: $24.50
Total: $79.00

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High Budget Favorites:

With a dash of vintage and a splash of luxury, this one-of-a-kind shop is packed with unique clothing and accessories. Anthropologie carries extremely feminine and stylish dresses in every style imaginable, but they are on the pricier side, so start saving up!

Emerald Cut Dress: $298.00
Promenade Cardigan: $78.00
Rogue Ballerina Flats: $88.00
Never-Ending Seams Bag: $228.00
Total: $692.00

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Fabulous Headbands

Headbands are one of the easiest ways to take a simple outfit from boring to unique. Try any of these styles from Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie, and you'll having people lining up to be your shopping buddy.

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